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Administrative Assistant
Website Design
Operations Supervisor
Organizational Development
Customer Relations


Art Institute of York
York, PA


  • Determination & Persistance 100%
  • Positive 100%
  • Flexibility 98%
  • Professional 100%
  • Honesty 100%
  • Organized 100%
  • Caring 100%
  • Passion 100%
  • Reliable 98%
  • Responsible 100%


  • Design 95%
  • Testing 100%
  • Documentation 100%
  • Balancing 98%
  • Customer Support 100%
  • Computer 100%
  • Networking 95%
  • Training 98%
  • Performance 100%
  • Solution Delivery 100%





Filled with many obstacles throughout life, I have pushed through the challenges and successfully overcame the battles and not only have proven something to myself but to my children as well. Some people may wish to win the lottery, but to me; this is my win. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved to write. Upon graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Web and Media, my dream finally became a reality. I now have the ability to not just write, but I can design so many things and now I can share it with the whole world. I have an appreciation of learning. Not just with what I have been taught in College, but throughout this new journey in my life. I have met many incredible people so far. The different stories I have heard have opened my eyes to not only a whole new perspective on life but also give me a whole other approach in the way I design. I absolutely love it. My dedication gives me an appreciation and love to work because I strive at being better than I was yesterday and, “hey,” earning money along the way isn’t bad either. What better gift could I ask for! My characteristics show how I am passionate, determined, strong willed, and eager to move in one direction; onward and upward. I am grateful for what each day brings me. I take it as a lesson or an experience!


Transportation Supervisor
ACME, Denver, PA 

  • Oversee/Maintain 60 – 80 working employees during the shift
  • Comply with Company, Federal, State and Local laws & regulations in accordance with DOT guidlines, schedules, workmans comp, etc.
  • Work efficiently in a fast paced environment
  • Maintain employee work schedules including assignments, job rotation, training, vacations & paid time off, drug testing, cover for absenteeism, & overtime scheduling, department coverage
  • Prioritize truck load assignments for drivers to take, to ensure on-time product delivery to store
  • Complying with all applicable safety regulations by completing random safety evaluations, periodic safety topic flyers to insert with paychecks & always monitoring the visible areas
  • Professional liaison between the drivers and the stores to keep production running smoothly and no confusion along the way

Corporate Web Designer
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Hunt Valley, MD

  • Update & design within content management systems Communicate with clients and transfer ideas into design & code
  • Create banner ads for clients to display across broadcast stations
  • Create templated responsive email framework and designs for email marketing campaigns
  • Market business with use of social networking platforms
  • Prepare documentation, train, and oversee new hires on web and software programs
  • Troubleshoot, problem solve and communicate resolutions effectively
  • Contest and Promotional events assistance
  • Plan projects by creating wireframes, mockups, performing tests and addressing any issues before any project was delivered to the client

Physician Office Assistant
York Guidance Center – Wellspan Behavior Health, York, PA

  • Medical Records Filing
  • Create charts for new patients
  • Liaison between Company and Insurance Companies, other healthcare facilities etc. to send approved copy of medical records
  • Helped aid in random Audits, for pulling of patients charts and checking to see if certain required information was in the chart
  • Assisted at front desk when employees were out for the day
  • Make sure sample prescriptions were not expired, if so they were exposed of properly
  • General administrative duties (answering phones, fax, emails, etc.)
  • Prepare doctors & therapists for their next day appointments (getting their charts out, putting paperwork on top of their chart – that pertained to the patient, etc.)
  • Call Reminders – Call patients to remind them of their appointments, if cancels were done, I would fill them
  • Bank – to make bank deposits, for the company